When To Paint The Exterior Of Your Home


Painting is key to maintaining the exterior of your home. Put it off for too long and wood rot will become an issue. Fortunately, being proactive with an exterior maintenance plan will keep wood rot at a minimum.

Many homes in the Marietta GA area also have particle board siding. This siding is high maintenance and must be painted frequently to ensure the longest life possible.

So what's the magic number for years between exterior paint jobs? Five years will keep the exterior of your home healthy and happy.

At seven years, wood rot will already be an issue and require repairs which can be avoided.

Yes, many paint products are manufactured to last more than five years. In fact, paint companies will sell paint jobs by promising a 10-20 year lifespan. And while the paint may last that long, there's no mention of caulk, the substance which seals all of the tiny cracks. Caulk will eventually wear out allowing moisture in.

In the end, the customer is left believing the exterior of a home is protected long after it is not. This results in unexpected repair costs including residing, window replacement, wood rot and more.

In the Atlanta GA area, the economic downturn caused a great many homeowners to put off exterior maintenance for better times. This, combined with record rainfall in 2013 has accelerated the rate of visible damage to the home's exterior. The only way to stop the cycle is a proper paint job.

Our primary paint crews have been with us for the better part of a decade. They are professional and familiar with our painting process. In the event of excessive or intricate wood repairs, we use a professional cornice crew to ensure the work is perfect.

Just recently, we saved a customer thousands by repairing front porch pillars and pickets when other companies said it could not be done. A job doesn't have to be gigantic to be legendary.

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