Helping Homeowners With Roof Claims


In June, a tornado ripped through East Cobb, Georgia and Bishop Lake. Blue tarps went up across the neighborhood and we received a call from a previous client with roof and gutter damage.

Phil, the owner of Legendary Renovations and I (Mike) visited the home to take measurements, pictures and work up a quote.

The homeowner filed an insurance claim based on our feedback and the insurance company agreed to replace the rear half of the roof.

Something sounded fishy. We advised the homeowner to appeal and took another fifteen pictures of damage to the home for him to share with the insurance company.

The next week, I met the insurance adjuster at the home and went up on the roof. I pointed out the gash in the picture, as well as a number of smaller dings in the general vicinity.

I also mentioned the fact we would not be able to match ten-plus year old shingles due to exposure to the elements.

The adjuster pulled out his chalk at my urging and began to mark damage. In general, it's 5-10 visible dings in a 10 x 10 area for a claim to be valid. He also peeled back a few shingles and conceded the shingles could not be repaired.

The homeowner was awarded nearly $2,500 in additional funds to apply towards the project.

For any homeowners insurance claim, don't hesitate to re-file and seek the advice of a trustworthy contractor if the initial offer isn't to your liking. At Legendary Renovations, we are happy to help!

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